NBC’s Health and Fitness Expo!

It’s been a great weekend! It the best when you have some stuff to do, but nothing that really calls for a schedule. Cory was the best and went with me to DC yesterday morning to check out the NBC Health and Fitness Expo.

I was ready to go bright and early (with a snack, course! Mmm, Larabars!)

Once, we got there – I was so excited to walk around! The place was huge!

There were so many vendors and organizations. I was pumped because it wasn’t super crowded because we got there early (story of our lives). There was even a cute track to walk around to get your blood pumpin’!

But the best part, ladies and gents, is when I got to meet Ada and Sophia from THE BIGGEST LOSER!!

Go ahead, judge me. I don’t mind. The Biggest Loser is my favorite show ever, so when I realized that Biggest Loser contestants were going to be there, I was sold. I wanted to ask these two if Jillian is as awesome as I think and/or if they had Bob Harper’s number on hand, but it didn’t come up naturally in our conversation 🙂

Later that evening my best friend, Jamie, came over for a night of pizza and wine. We were so busy chatting and laughing at stupid things – and being engrossed in the Law and Order: SVU marathon, that I forgot to snap pictures of our monumental pig-out. Rookie mistake. Like I said, I’m still getting used to this! 🙂

Tonight Cory and I are having a dinner & a movie date night 🙂 I’m rarely go to the movies a) it’s out of this world expensive (I can always wait to Redbox it) and b) we usually like to do things and be active when we go on dates- but Vince Vaughn and Kevin James are the two funniest men in my book – so we’re breaking routine and going to see The Dilemma!  Enjoy your Sunday!



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