The Happiest of Hours

Tonight, I met up with my best friend Jamie for happy hour/dinner at Vintage 51. (Jamie has moved up here for a couple months, and I couldn’t be more excited!!) I must say, it was a pretty eventful evening. We always laugh. A lot.

For example: The hostess walks us over to our table. It was a nice two-person table by the window. I jokingly said “Oh, how romantic.” Jamie followed it up with “It’s our date night.” The girl gave a us puzzled look, an “Oh…how sweet” and quickly walked away. Seriously?! We laughed about that for a while 🙂

We started the evening off with two Sean’s Tropical Delights. Our waiter was Sean. They were delightful.

Jamie was a little eager and squeezed her garnish before I could snap the picture. We’re both still getting used to this 😉

We were ravenous, so we ordered Fire Fries for an apitizer. We both have a very serious love of french fries. So when we both decided we were ordering salads (instead of sandwiches that come with fries) we knew we had to do something about it.

Don’t they look delicious?! Well, friends, these were no joke. Our lips were numb because these babies were SO HOT! We didn’t even get through half of this plate. I won’t lie – we tried to push through the heat, but once we started sweating and my eyes started watering, we knew we had lost the battle.

Our salads made up for it though! Yes, sir! I had the grilled shrimp and artichoke saladmixed greens, marinated artichoke hearts dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.

Jamie took the classic route and had a delicious-looking chicken caesar salad.

Let me tell you, it’s kind of awkward taking pictures of your food out in public. Jamie made sure to inform me that the lady next to us “totally just judged” me on more than one occasion 😉   Again, it made us laugh.

But what could possibly be the best part of this night, was that the restaurant was located right next door to a frozen yogurt place. Obviously, we took it as a sign from a higher power. We had to get some.

I had the original with double rainbow sprinkles. I’m a rainbow sprinkle addict. I can’t ever get enough. Jamie had the chocolate with rainbow sprinks and Oreos.

Tell me, is there a better combination than a best friend + cocktails + good food + dessert? Nope. I don’t think so 😉


2 Comments on “The Happiest of Hours”

  1. dressed2dish says:

    Those desserts look so yummy! I’m still trying to get past the fact that people will always stare when I take pics of my food in public!

  2. Jamie says:

    Best ‘date night’ ever! Everything was so delicious! There truly isn’t anything better than a best friend, a cocktail (Sean’s Tropical Paradise to be exact), good food (fries that made me not be able to feel my lips), and a yummy dessert. Love that we have these next couple months to do it again…and again!

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