Are You There, Summer? It’s Me, Colleen.

Who didn’t love a good Judy Bloom book back in the day? 😉 But seriously, this weather has got to go. It’s depressing when a “nice” day has a high of 48. Personally, it’s the wind that kills me. Plain cold is bad, but manageable (most of the time), but when you throw nasty winds into the mix – all bets are off. I just want to stay inside and not leave until late April.

I just want to be on a beach. Tan. And hot. With a mixed drink.

Needless to say, I felt pretty darn sluggish in the gym this morning. Hmm, I wonder why? 😉 I was also sluggish for reasons out of my control: The treadmills were out of order (?!), so I wonder over to the elliptical, which is down as well (?!?) so I was left with the sole treadmill that I usually see older people on – the one that doesn’t go above 5.5ish. I “cranked” it up to 5.7. but the sounds it was making made me nervous. I cut my loses and viewed it as a simple 10 minute warm up 😉

Weights it was! I know it was a good workout,  because it was difficult to wash my hair and put on make up. I’ll take it 😉

So today is my last day before classes start. I actually think I’m to the point where I’m more excited than nervous, and I’m ready for everything to start back up again. (Note: I’ll probably regret this statement next week)

Breakfast is on the run this morning – dry Quaker Oat Squares and a banana. Not too exciting.

As a random aside, I know I’ve professed my love for Glee already, but does anyone know when the new season starts?! I’m becoming restless.

Question for the day – What’s your guilty pleasure TV show(s)?


4 Comments on “Are You There, Summer? It’s Me, Colleen.”

  1. Mandy says:

    Glee starts immediately after the Superbowl on Feb. 6. Then, the next episode is on Feb. 8 @ 8pm. I’m pretty dorky about it, but I usually use this link to get previews of upcoming episodes and keep up with the show’s schedule: . Enjoy!!

  2. cbrady3 says:

    Winter is starting to get to me too…it’s the grey and cold and not being able to be outside! I hate it.

    Also – GLEE starts next week. It’s a Superbowl episode! Can’t wait!

  3. I’m so over Winter as it rains ice outside right this second… I loved Judy Blume!

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