Call Me Billy

You bet my lunch is packed up, my backpack is ready to go and my rain snow boots are goin’ with me!

Some light reading I’m planning on catching up on over the next 3 months πŸ˜‰

This morning’s workout left me feeling both exhausted and refreshed – isn’t that weird how that happens? πŸ™‚ It should now come as no shock to you that I refuse to go outside unless I have to when it’s this cold, so today I did another P90X video – Plyometrics. Boy howdy! It get me every time!


I didn’t know what plyo was until I experienced P90X, but it’s essentially jump training. And it burns a hell of a lot of calories. I like this video because every move in the circuit is 30 seconds, except for the fourth moves which are 1 minute each. When I feel like I can’t make it the whole 30 seconds I just tell myself you can do just about anything for 30 seconds (except for maybe riding a mechanical bull). It helps – most of the time πŸ˜‰

Speaking of how I spent my morning jumping around my room, I’ve been thinking – since I graduated in May, my world involves a whole lot of sitting. Both of my jobs are desk jobs, I sit in class for 3+ hours at a time, and when I come home, I usually want to relax (from all that sitting?) and I plop down on the couch. I try my best to make simple conscious decisions in order to move as much as possible, like: getting up for 10 minutes every hour to stretch, walk around or do some quick squats, I almost always take the stairs, and I make sure I get my morning workout in as often as possible. But sometimes I feel like that’s not enough. I hear that many people gain weight during their first year after college because so many of us get desk jobs (and invites to happy hours). While this is a real concern of mine, I’ve also realized that I have been the same size since about 4th or 5th grade. It’s SO strange. Β My weight has changed, and my body shape has obviously matured, but other than that – it’s the same old, same old.

See what I mean!? This is my girl scout uniform from when I was 10 years old! WTF??! I can’t decide if this is funny or mildly disturbing.

That’s what I’ll leave you with for the morning πŸ˜€

So my question for the day is – Do you have any tips on sneaking movement into your day?


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