Out With The Boys

It’s been quite the relaxing snow day in my neck of the woods 😀 I’d love to tell you that I did something exciting, but this is what my world consisted of today.

Lounging at Cory’s watching TV. I realized that it looks like I was playing video games because of the controller next to my foot – but let me just claitify that it was only used to control Netflix so I could watch Law & Order: SVU. I just didn’t want to cause any speculation that I spent the day with a headset on or anything like that 😉

Lunch was bland and in shade of brown (I hate colorless meals) but it was what I had leftover in my lunchbox! Just a PB&J with some Pretzel Crisps.

If you have never tried these Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, please do. I love the Everything flavor. My lifestyle doesn’t consist of counting calories, but I like that these babies have only 110 calories per 11 crisps. And they’re so tasty!

I know my lunch was brown today, but I normally use the color technique to give my meals a “health check.” As long as my meal is colorful (sans rainbow sprinkles ;)) I can feel pretty confident that I’m eating healthy.

Cory and his roommate have a weekly tradition of going to dinner at Costco on Thursdays for pizza. I’ve never been apart of this tradition, but because I was over due to the snow, I was allowed kindly invited to join. Those two are so funny. They first walk through the store for “appetizers.” If you’ve never been to Costco, it’s the land of free samples. It’s glorious! I sampled soup, a piece of a mozzarella stick and a Pop Corners chip. I didn’t want any pizza for dinner, so these samples kept my hanger at bay until we got home 😉

Here’s what a Thursday night tradition looks like in this house:

That’s one mother of a pizza. They always eat half on Thursday, and take the leftovers for lunch on Fridays. No, I swear they’re not dating 😉 Dinner consists of people watching, which I really enjoy. Do you like people watching? I could do it all day long!

I had a bite of one of Cory’s slices, but pizza wasn’t on my radar tonight, so I decided to pass. When we got back, I had breakfast for dinner 🙂

I admit, it was more on the indulgent side, but that half a waffle was so good. And I felt good because it’s what I really wanted, and I held out and chose it over pizza 🙂 I also had one egg + one egg white with red pepper, mushroom, green onion and cilantro. I love finding ways to incorporate veggies into my meals. I was just going to have eggs, but I was excited when I remembered we had some veggies! 🙂

Well, friends – that’s my day! It’s been relaxing, fun and pretty tasty 🙂 I hope yours has been the same!

Question for the night – How would you (or did you) spend your day if you had no work, school or scheduled plans?




One Comment on “Out With The Boys”

  1. Paige says:

    Yum, a waffle sounds absolutely amazing!

    I worked today, so no snow day for me! I did get out a bit early last night, so I had a quiet evening of TV and couch potato-ing 🙂

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