It’s a School Night!

Ahh, I’m back to the grind – and it feels pretty good 🙂 I have two classes tonight. One down, one to go! I have 40 minutes between the first and the second, so I figured it’s be a perfect time to make a post!

Since breakfast was late today, I wasn’t really hungry for a full-blown lunch. I did snack on some grapes & blackberries, crackers & hummus and two slices of turkey.

After my snack I met my friend Chloe at Starbucks before my first class 😀 We had all our classes together last semester, but none this semester, so we’re trying to find time to meet up outside of school 🙂

I had the regular – a grande sugar-free hazelnut coffee – and they were giving out free samples of their new apple (?) scones – it was pretty tasty!

I packed dinner tonight, and it was slightly boring, but it did the job 🙂 A turkey sandwich on a bagel thin, an orange, babybel cheese and apple sauce.

I just had my class on Substance Abuse and it was awesome (I’m a nerd, duh)! I hope my next class, Advanced Skills and Strategies, is just as great 🙂

Enjoy your night, friends!

Question for the evening – What did you have for dinner tonight?


2 Comments on “It’s a School Night!”

  1. Michelle says:

    I had a bagel thin in my dinner as well! I don’t normally eat them for dinner, but tonight I was in a hurry. I paired it with some brussels sprouts, so nothing too exciting.

    Oh, how I miss school… lucky!

  2. Lucy B says:

    2 slices of the Greek pizza from whole foods…so good! As always, I went there a few specific grocery items and ended up buying dinner and treats in their prepared foods section. Too hard to pass up!

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