Bottomless Pit

Do you ever have days when you feel like you could just keep eating..and eating..and eating?

Yeah. I’m havin’ one of those.

Up first: A hefty rice and veggie bowl

Second Round: Huge Fuji apple

Third time’s the charm?

If there was life advice in these blissful chocolates – it probably would have read Get a grip. You shouldn’t still be hungry.

By sheer willpower I’m saving my Larabar until my drive home from work. What the heck? I blame it on going 5 hours between breakfast and lunch. That kind of gap betweeen consuming food turns me into an eating machine.

Am I crazy? Or have you had days like this too?


12 Comments on “Bottomless Pit”

  1. Rachel Fortney says:

    Colleen!!! As I was reading your post I realized I had just consumed 5 Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses… So I can most certainly sympathize. You are right though, waiting 5 hours between meals will get you! I work early to open at the Y and end up eating a small breakfast there around 5:30 am and if I do not eat anything before lunch at noon I want to eat everything in sight! To help fend off the constant need to munch I try to eat something small every two hours, it keeps me from feeling hungry and it helps your metabolism : )

    • Colleen says:

      Rachel!! I’m glad I’m not alone 🙂 I know, I usually try to eat something small every few hours – but I wasn’t a smart lunchbox packer this morning. Rookie mistake! 🙂

  2. I have days like this too! I wish I knew why though. Some days I’m just hungrier. Maybe it’s from dehydration?

  3. Cait says:

    omg Coleen all the time- I def have days, aka yesterday, where I just eat and eat and eat and eaaaaattttt! great post 🙂 love your blog girl! check out my COACH give away bangle! it ends Friday!

  4. peanutbutterfingers says:

    my friends used to call me the “bottomless pit” in high school because i can always seem to just eat and eat and eat. my family and i always laugh b/c whenever someone asks us “are you hungry” our reply always seems to be “yeah, i could eat.”

  5. Jenny says:

    Omg I want that white chocolate dove lol And I feel you girl, there are just says where I wanna eat everything! I just try to drink coffee and it goes away

  6. cbrady3 says:

    I definitely have days like that – and when it makes no sense! But I just do what you do and keep eating healthy-ish snacks!

  7. That was me today. I ended up staying later at work than usual, which left me feeling pretty nauseous by the time I got home. Eight hours between breakfast and lunch is a very bad idea; I started eating everything in sight! I’m going to have to keep an extra lunchbox stashed at work in cases of “staying late” emergencies 🙂

  8. Simply Life says:

    Oh I’ve definitely had days like this and if I think I’m really hungry, I eat!

  9. kayejohn says:

    I’ve DEFINITELY had days like this! and they’re super frustrating! It’s so hard to make yourself reach for healthy foods on those days because it seems as though you just KNOW a bag of Cheetos or something would solve the problem much better. And then you just feel disgusting by the end of the day. Ugh. haha!

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