If I Was Thrown Into Rehab…

This is one of my all time favorite quotes and I wanted to share it with you (as StumbleUpon wanted to do with me) Side note: If you’d rather I keep my SU obsessions/finds to myself – please leave me a comment and tell me so! I understand that it may seem like a little too much too soon. I love quotes – but I love you more šŸ˜‰

My morning’s workout was all about legs & back, baby. I was doing squats, lunges, skaters and wall sits all over my room this morning. I threw in some moves with the resistance bands for some back work and called it a day!

Breakfast was Nutella and PB oats. Mmm, good! šŸ˜€

And like any normal, well-adjusted 23-year-old, I drank my milk out of my cow mug

I know, it’s a slightly graphic mug – but I enjoy it šŸ™‚

Okay – I need your opinion. I’ve mentioned before that I’m currently taking a Substance Abuse class (for counseling, of course). We have been assigned a two-week project that involves ending/stopping/quitting an activity or habit that that can be defined as a negative behavior or “addiction”*Ā that we enjoy (i.e. speeding or drinking 3 sodas a day)Ā – and replacing it with something healthier. The main idea is: How are we, as counselors, supposed to be able to tell substance abusing clients to just “cut it out” (which we can’t!) if we have never given up something that we enjoy.

I don’t have too many habits that negatively affect me, but I do have some “addictions” that would be seriously difficult to give up if I was thrown into rehab. I toyed with the idea of taking away cereal, but my professor advised us not to do anything too drastic or life altering šŸ˜‰

So, here’s what I’m thinking:

1. Give up PB (AH!) and replace with Greek yogurt

2. Give up Facebook and replace with phone conversation

3. Give up technology after 8 PM and replace with reading for pleasure or journaling

I know they sound semi-lame, but I’d truly have a tough time giving up anything of these things. (Remember it’s only for two weeks.)

Which one should I choose?! I’m open different ideas, too. If you had to do this project, what would you choose as your problem behavior and your treatment?

Enjoy your morning, friends!! Catch ya later šŸ˜€

*Please note that I’m using the term “addictions” in a colloquial manner. Not as it is defined in the DSM-IV-TR


27 Comments on “If I Was Thrown Into Rehab…”

  1. If you really want to do this and make it super hard, I say give up facebook. Otherwise I say do number 3. I know all of them are going to be hard!

    So when can you teach me about stumbleupon?? šŸ™‚

    • Colleen says:

      I know, FB would be really difficult. Do you think my professor would accept replacing FB with Twitter? šŸ˜‰

      Okay – so SU šŸ™‚ What confuses you? Here’s what confused me: I had to sign up. I had to put in my email address, but that’s it. Then you just check off boxes of topics that you’re interested in (quotes, humor, health, fitness, nutrition, etc..) and then just press the “Stumble” button at the top left of your screen. Each time, it’s a new website with info that you’re probably interested in! It’s honestly just a HUGE waste of time, but it’s addictive. Let me know if that was any help at all! šŸ™‚

  2. dressed2dish says:

    Ah I had the EXACT SAME THING for breakfast!! Those are three tough dilemmas! For me, I would probably go for no technology after 8pm…as I think it would probably help me sleep better anyways if I didn’t look at a computer screen til bed!

  3. dressed2dish says:

    I had the EXACT SAME thing for breakfast!! Those are tough dilemmas! For me, I would probably have to go for no technology after 8pm, as I think I might sleep better if I didn’t look at a computer screen til bed!

  4. Heather says:

    i can’t tell you how much cutting out TV/technology in the evenings has improved my life! I vote for that šŸ™‚

    actually – i guess i can tell you – in this post: http://www.thenheathersaid.com/2011/01/25/gains-losses/


  5. Alison says:

    I love that you share stumbleupon here….because it saves me a trip. šŸ˜‰ I’m doing two weeks of no meat…not for school just to remind myself that I can and more than anything to keep me away from Taco Johns. šŸ™‚

  6. Lauren says:

    The cow mug!!!! Did you know it was a last min. purchase from the airport in Dayton Ohio for the ‘white elephant’ game at Christmas? Cute!

  7. Jamie says:

    COW MUG!! Best gift ever received : )

  8. G'ma says:

    Hi Colleen,

    I have a suggestion for your two-week project. It will not directly have an effect on your health, but will definitely change you. I refer to the second item in your list of seven things about yourself. I know you come by this trait through heredity, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow change that pattern. I’ll do it if you do it!!!

    • Colleen says:

      Hey Grandma! I know, trying to stop saying curse words was my first thought actually. But I just can’t decide what I was replace it with as my “treatment.” Any ideas??

  9. That mug is fantastic!! šŸ™‚

    and I love the 8pm rule. Give yourself some time to rewind!

  10. Jenny says:

    Why are you going to give up pb?!! šŸ˜„ I would cry lol Definitely 2 or 3 but not 1. haha omg I’m sounding like an addict too

    • Colleen says:

      Only because I love it so much and that’s the point of the project! Still, I haven’t decided yet – I don’t know if I could do it..even if it’s only for two weeks! ha! šŸ˜€

  11. Paige says:

    I think #3 would definitely be the hardest for me of those options (although if I got sent to rehab, it would likely be for my sugar addiction!). I have a terrible habit of being up until midnight or so trying to cram in a few more internet activities before bed…never good!

  12. G'ma says:

    P.S. I forgot to mention that I especially liked number 3 of your seven things about yourself. Thanks for the nice words about me.

  13. char says:

    I agree with picking number 3 šŸ™‚ Hard, but I (personally) could never give up up PB and it’s hard to Facebook stalk people who you don’t really talk to over the phone šŸ˜‰

  14. I say do without the PB. I feel as if that’s closer to a true “substance” one would abuse, so you may get a greater understanding for what your clients are going through. šŸ™‚

  15. Laura says:

    Hey there! Just found your blog today. Your breakfast look amazing. Nutella is awesome. šŸ™‚ I will be coming back!

  16. Danielle says:

    Colleen!!! I had to do this for my Substance Abuse class last semester!!!! Sorry I didnt call yesterday I took Vicodin because my mouth was killing me and passed the hell out (just got my wisdom teeth out) We will talk today or tomororw and I will tell you about mine!

  17. Joni says:

    Lent’s a comin’! Save something to give up then!Maybe that potty mouth, although I have never been witness to it personally. I’m thinking that I’ve given you reasons to use it though. Does that make me an enabler? Anyway, I’m with your grandmother…break the cycle of (verbal) abuse!

  18. tknologlvr says:

    At least you don’t have to squeeze the udders to get milk!!

  19. Lucy B says:

    Chocolate….hands down!! Never gone two weeks w/o it…..considering it for lent this year!

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