Jumping on the ABC Bandwagon

Hiya! It’s almost the weekend! 😀 I hope you’re having a great day so far! So I’ve got to tell you about my second night of the 8 PM rule (I promise this won’t be a daily update). After class I knew I couldn’t come home and “unwind” by checking my email or blog or Facebook so when I saw that I missed a call from my very good friend, Danielle, I was thrilled to call her back! All that technology stuff makes me feel like I’m busy, but I’m actually not. It was so great to catch up with her!

Also, I can’t tell you the last time I slept so soundly. I mean, no weird dreams (which I usually have), no tossing and turning. I was well-rested and ready to go before my alarm went off! I think this is 100% related to not watching crime shows until I pass out or just reading junk on Facebook before crawling into bed. Verrrry interesting.. 🙂

Okay, so I thought I’d mix up our morning routine if that’s okay with you 😉 I first saw this ABC thingy on Julie’s blog – then on Courtney’s – then on Gracie’s – and I think it’s a great idea! I love learning about the bloggers that I follow daily. Maybe you do too? So, this is just for fun! Enjoy 🙂

A.   Age: 23

B.    Bed size: Twin – don’t judge! I live in free graduate student housing!

C.   Chore you hate: I don’t like washing the “big” dishes – like pots and pans.

D.   Dogs: Better than cats 🙂

E.    Essential start to your day: Breakfast – hands down.

F.  Favorite color: Green. Or yellow. Or pink.

G.  Gold or silver: Silver – but I like to wear gold when I have a nice tan.

H.  Height: 5’4″

I.   Instruments you play: nada

J.   Job title: Full time graduate student/part time graduate assistant/part time office assistant. Whew!

K.  Kids: Scare me. Kidding – kind of 😉 I hope to be blessed with children in the distant future.

L.  Live: Fairfax, VA

M. Mom’s name: Katie aka Best Mom Everrr

N.  Nicknames: CWhit, Coll, Doodle Bug (<— thanks, Mom), Weenie.

O.  Overnight hospital stays: None, thank God!

P.  Pet peeve: When people are late.

Q.  Quote from a movie: “Don’t tell anyone, but I uh… snuck in some oreos. Just in case.” (Heavyweights. Does anyone else remember/like that movie?!)

R.  Righty or Lefty: Lefty!

S.   Siblings: One younger brother, Brian. He’s 21 and lookin’ for love. His number is 703-30… 😉

T.   Time you wake up: Between 5:00 and 5:15 on weekdays. Usually around 7:30 on the weekends.

U.   Underwear: Is a must.

V.    Vegetables you dislike: Even though I want to like them, beets kind of gross me out .

W.   What makes you run late: I don’t! See “P” 😉

X.    X-rays you’ve had: I had a chest x-ray when I had a bad cough. Do dentist visits count?

Y.    Yummy food you make: Cereal combos 😉

Z.     Zoo animal favorite: Lions 😀

Now I want to hear from YOU!

C: Chore you hate

J: Job Title

N: Nicknames

24 Comments on “Jumping on the ABC Bandwagon”

  1. Cory says:

    C: I hate folding Laundry
    J: Finance Support Specialist
    N: None that I can think of…

    M: Joni
    C: See above.
    W: I hate being late.

  2. Cait says:

    C: Chore you hate
    I hate folding laundry- it just takes SO much time and as organized and well kept as I am- I just hate this stupid chore ha

    J: Job Title
    student- wooohoo for graduate school 🙂

    N: Nicknames
    Cait (duh) Cat, Kitcat, KK, Peanut

  3. chore I hate: putting away laundry and cleaning dishes
    job: teacher and health coach
    nickname: cole 🙂

  4. dressed2dish says:

    I love this idea, I hope you don’t mind if I steal for my next post 🙂

    C – Laundry!
    J – ESL Teacher
    N – Babycurls (my hair curls under my ponytail)

    I don’t like beets either!

  5. Stephen says:

    As much fun as you and Rachel have been having I thought I would throw my 2 cents into the ring…as it were.

    C – Making the bed
    J – Sales Rep.
    N – ummm…I wanna say CUSH!

  6. C: laundry!
    J: Electronic Media Specialist & Communications Coordinator (I know you’re jealous of how fancy shmancy that sounds)
    N: Aly; Lyss; A Halt

  7. Jenifer says:

    For moi:

    C: I only recently started HATING doing the dishes, which happens coincide with my brother moving in. I don’t think he even understands the concept of a dishwasher!

    J: Full-time graduate student/part-time counselor/part-time research assistant (But I haven’t even worked this week, ha!)

    N: Olivia Newton John Juice – long story short, my partner and I say “olive juice” = “I love you” all the time and he transformed it into a nickname for me! (He’s weird)

  8. Brian Whitney says:

    for some reason the letters CJN seem like they might have some other kind of meaning or relation but im just not sure what they could possible stand for. I’ll play along though…

    Chore I hate: Sorry to steal your answer Awesome, but I have to choose doing dishes as well.

    Job title: I am a Family Room Specialist at the Apple Store MacArthur Center in Norfolk VA

    Nicknames: B Whit, Ness, and Curtis are the main three

  9. tknologlvr says:

    C: litter box
    J: teacher
    N: Rickipedia

  10. I’m 5’4 too! GO SHORTIES!

    Your mom looks so sweet! Ya’ll look so similar! 🙂

    I also hate washing big pans…and folding laundry, or dusting, or cleaning my room, or feeding the pets, or…OKAY, I’ll just stop there 🙂

  11. Ashley says:

    C: taking out the trash (there is alway something dripping when I do and it ends up on me!)

    J: full time graduate student/ part-time cyber career coach/GA

    N:Ashers, Ash, AJ, Aunt Ash, Lady Friend, and Zingo (my pop calls me that)

  12. C: Sweeping the floor. Nothing ever seems to want to go in the dust pan for me!
    J: Full time student, part-time Wellness Editorial Intern
    N: Em, Emmy, Goober Bear, Grumpy Bear (the last two, courtesy of my boyfriend :))

  13. C: scrubbing the bathtubs

    J; Recreation Manger

    N: Ali, AliSue

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