Here’s what stumping me today:

1. I feel like I have a lot of neat ideas, but my mind is drawing a complete blank. Today, I’ve experienced Writer’s Block. Every time I roll my eyes upwards (universal “thinking” position) it’s like I’m looking into an empty box. I panicked at first. MY BLOG AND MY LIFE ARE DOOMED! No, clam down, crazy. Calm down. I think everyone experiences this. Maybe? The one thing that does come to mind? Will Ferrell in Anchorman: “I’m in a glass case of emotion!!”

My mind may be drawing a blank, but at least I still have something to giggle about.

2. My CNC Stores Gift Card Give Away. I was totally pumped when I got the email about giving away a gift card – I thought you guys would be, too! But by the response so far, it’s been a dud. Any ideas why?

3. Jealousy. When’s the last time you were jealous? And don’t tell me you don’t get jealous – because that would mean you’re not human. And certainly not female 😉 Jealously is ugly, and I hate it – but sometimes it happens. When it does? I call my mom and she snaps me back to reality.

Yes, those are the three things that have me stooped! But there were some things today that made total sense. Like my homemade cream cheese spread 😀 Pomegranate Chobani + a Laughing Cow Spreadable Cheese Wedge. Who woulda thunk it?!

I took ~1.5 tbsp of Chobani, mixed in the cheese wedge then spread on my Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thin.It’s not pretty, but it was a perfect lunch! I ended up with some extra “cream cheese” to dip my pepper slices in 😀 I beg you to try something this simple.

Well I’ve got to go fold some laundry and catch up on some homework. Enjoy the rest of your night! And go head, check out my give away! Why not try to win something? 😉

Question – What’s your favorite cream cheese flavor? Will Ferrell – Step Brothers vs Anchorman vs SNL classics? Have you ever had writer’s block?




9 Comments on “Blocked.”

  1. Cait says:

    First off I think the last time I was jealous was a few months ago- and you’re right I def hate the feeling. My fav cream cheese flavor is strawberry! yumm! Ahh it’s hard with Will Farrel because I love him in can I pick both?! haha! I feel like I always have writers block and the get inspired at like 2 in the morning! love your post! xo

  2. Jenny says:

    Girl jealousy happens to everyone, we’re only human. What a clever idea with the laughing cow wedge! I’ve never thought to do that!

  3. Joni says:

    Just a couple of comments: 1- when I saw the topic “blocked” in my inbox, my first (sadly narcissistic!)thought was that I was getting served notice that I was “blocked’ from commenting on your blog; thankfully, not the case (for now!)2-I have written the great American novel in my head a hundred times. On paper…nada. And 3- didn’t you say your “friend” was visiting this week? If so, she usually brings along some mean friends, like jealousy. Just go with the flow…it will pass. 🙂

  4. Cool idea with the chobani and laughing cow!! I love sun-dried tomato cream cheese. It’s so so good!

  5. Oh man, writer’s block is no fun. It’s even worse when you have an assignment due and keep staring at that blinking cursor waiting for inspiration to strike, haha!

    My favorite cream cheese is absolutely honey walnut or hazelnut… YUM!

  6. Gina says:

    Hahaha! I love the glass case of emotion scene! Such a funny movie 🙂

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