Mexican Food = Happiness

It’s Day 13 of my 30 Day Picture Challenge! This question was a no brainer: A picture of your favorite place to eat

La Parota. Parota. Mexico. All names are synonymous with my favorite place to eat. This picture was taken in October when Emily and I went back to Longwood for Oktoberfest. If you’re a Longwood alumni or current student – I know you can understand my love of this beautiful hole-in-the-wall.

When I was in college I think I ate there once a week. Okay, maybe once every 2 weeks. Regardless, it was a running joke that I should have a “season pass” type deal because I was there so often. We got unlimited free chips (which I would eat uncontrollably), I would order one soft chicken taco and walk out with a $2.22 bill. And their queso dip is to dieeee for!

Okay, I’m done now. But yes, this little Mexican restaurant in Farmville, VA makes me happy 🙂

Let’s chat – Do you have a favorite restaurant? A favorite food? Can you control yourself around chips and salsa at at Mexican place?

14 Comments on “Mexican Food = Happiness”

  1. Paige says:

    Oh crazy! My boyfriend graduated from Longwood a few years ago. We had many trips to La Parota (and we own a ridiculous number of Macado’s glasses) 🙂

    I could basically eat Mexican food for every meal. I refused to eat beans or sour cream until I was about 20, and then suddenly I realized what a terrible, terrible mistake that was. Apparently I’m now making up for lost time!

  2. tknologlvr says:

    Hard to pick a fav, but I love Panera Bread, California Pizza Kitchen, and Firehouse Subs. Great, now I’m hungry.

  3. Katy says:

    I don’t like Mexican food. I know. I’m a rare breed. Haha. Usually when I go to a Mexican restaraunt I get a PLAIN chicken quesadilla, and a margarita. Definitely drink my calories when I eat Mexican. 🙂

  4. Rachel says:

    My family go to this exact resturant all the time! We go almost every time I’m home. Maybe I’ll run into you sometimte 🙂

  5. dressed2dish says:

    Man oh man, I think our possible twin percentage has just risen! Colleen I was known to go to La Parota….just for the chips & salsa! I would go with a group (me being the only “broke” college student – only coins) and just eat chips & salsa for dinner..true story. Why don’t you just fly over here and we’ll shop & eat mexican, sound good?

  6. Ashley says:

    When you come visit I will take you to Taste Unlimited! That along with Chix and the Lynhaven Fish house are my absolute faves!!!! And no I cannot control myself against chips and salsa, even when I’m full I keep reaching for a chip! haha!

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