The Whole Fam Damily

Goodness gracious! Is it raining where you are?! It’s nasty outside here in Northern VA. When I woke up this morning I told myself I would dedicate a good chunk of my day to writing a paper. But as I started reading journal articles (one of my least favorite things ever) I realized “Hey, this isn’t due for over a month. What the hell am I doing?”

So scratch the paper-writing agenda πŸ™‚ I’m cleaning, packing for this weekend and watching Modern Family. All very important things.

Lunch today was a Kashi meal. Have you ever had their frozen meals? They’re actually really good. I had the Pesto Pasta Primavera. 290 calories. That’s not too shabby for a pasta dish. Am I right?

Today we’re half way though the 30 Day Picture Challenge! Day 15 is – aΒ picture of you and a family member

Family is a huge part of my life. My mom’s side of the family is rather large, loud and proud of who we are πŸ™‚ My mom has seven brothers. Six married, and that resulted in 11 grandchildren. I’m extremely blessed with such a great family.

This was taken at my Grandma’s 80th birthday party. It’s the most recent one I have of all of us (well, 3 are missing).

Let’s chat – What’s your family like? Big or small? Close or distant (location wise)?

15 Comments on “The Whole Fam Damily”

  1. All of my family (except for my mom, dad, and sisters) lives in Michigan, where I was born. We used to be really close, but as we’re getting older, we only see each other a couple of times a year. I love getting together with everyone though; it’s hard being six hours away from them!

  2. Paige says:

    My family is pretty big, but we’re all spread out. My mom is the youngest of ten, so I have dozens of cousins (and second cousins) spread out all over the country. Some of them I’ve never even met!

    My dad’s side is smaller and more focused in the VA area.

  3. Kayla says:

    I have 4 younger brothers, so my parents had 5 kids, I guess that’s a big family!

    I wish I lived by my aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents. We live so far away from them.

    • Colleen says:

      That IS a big family! I always wanted lots of siblings growing up, but my brother and I are so close in age and we’re great friends – so it worked out! πŸ˜€

  4. mine is small. immediate is just me and my sister and mom and dad. i only have 5 cousins. we’re spread out in minnesota, maine, new york, illinois and ohio right now.

  5. Alyssa says:

    oh WOW. that pesto pasta looks AWESOME! I need to find me some of that! πŸ™‚

    and my family is small. but I like it that way!

  6. ooh – that pesto pasta looks gooood!
    my family is verrry small and distant! I don’t think I ever remember a family gathering that was much more than my immediate family. Since it’s all I know, though, I kind of like it that way πŸ˜›

  7. My family isn’t very big, and I always wanted a huge, bustling Thanksgiving with everyone yelling. I still want that, but I’m thankful to have a small family that means SO much to me.

  8. Katy says:

    My family is big on my mom’s side, but we aren’t close at all really. I have an AMAZING surrogate family through my best friend’s family, and will have a large addition via my fiance once we’re married! πŸ™‚

  9. It was pouring ALL DAY in Baltimore so I feel your pain! My immediate family is pretty big; I am one of five kids. However, only my mom’s sister and brother live relatively close. All of my dad’s family is in Iran so I’ve only seen them three times in my life!

  10. Michelle says:

    I like that Kashi one! Have you ever tried Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna? That’s another really good frozen dish πŸ™‚

    That’s so cool that you have such a big family. I have lots of half-siblings, but I actually grew up alone because we’re so far apart in age. And I don’t have any cousins, so family time was sometimes lonely as a kid. Not so much now that I’m a “grown up”, though!

  11. What a great picture of your family! I am actually going to my grandpa’s 80th birthday this weekend, so I hope I get one like that, too! My family is “medium” sized… my mom’s side is small, but my dad’s is larger, so it all balances out. I’m lucky that almost my whole family (including my husband’s!) lives in Kansas… but my husband and I live in Los Angeles, so we don’t get to see them as often as I’d like!

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