A Fantastic FOUR Miles

Do you know why I love having a blog?! Because of the connections I’ve formed with readers and other bloggers. Yesterday I mentioned how I wish I was good at running, but it’s so difficult for me and I get ZERO enjoyment out of it. So many of my blog friends like Nicole, Michelle and Rick all gave me great advice. Nicole and Rick mentioned the Galloway Method, which incorporates walks in the run. I loved that Michelle told me that she used to hate running – but I know she just competed in a TEN MILE race! I knew I had to give this running thing another try πŸ™‚

After work today I loaded up my iPod with some good music (which Rachel dubbed as crucial) and hit the gym. I told myself I would try the Galloway Method. I was going to run for five minutes, then walk for one and repeat until I hit 30 minutes. Well, that was a good plan. But I outdid myself!

I ran 4 miles in just about 40 minutes – it’s hard to take a picture while running. Hence the 2.9 speed πŸ˜‰ Also, I did not burn 547 calories (that would be nice, huh?!)

Here’s the easy-peasy breakdown

  • Minutes 1 – 10: 6.1 speed at a 1.0 incline
  • 10 – 11: walk at 3.5
  • 11 – 22: 6.1 speed at 1.0 incline
  • 22-23: walk at 3.5
  • 23-35: 6.1 speed at 1.0 incline
  • 35-36: walk at 3.5
  • 36-41: 6.1 speed at 1.0 incline

Incorporating those one minute walks helped tremendously! I know this run isn’t something a marathon runner would be proud of, but for a girl who never spends more than 30 minutes on the treadmill (while hating every second of it) – this is a good day! πŸ™‚

Thanks again, blog friends!

PS – Don’t miss out on my Gnu Bar Giveaway! Seriously – they are so delicious!

Let’s chat – What was your workout like today? Or was it an rest day for you?


13 Comments on “A Fantastic FOUR Miles”

  1. Alyssa says:

    I agree. different intervals makes a workout fly by!

    and today is an easy run day (as is tomorrow) since the Shamrock is on Sunday! yaaaay!

  2. katie says:

    congrats!! i think it’s wonderful that you ran 4 miles in 40 min. i’m like you… i never spend more than 30 min on the treadmill.
    thanks for the walking in between tip!

  3. awesome job!! that’s something to be proud of.

  4. katie says:

    i follow you on twitter!

  5. katie says:

    i tweeted about the giveaway!!

    p.s., thanks so much for hosting this giveaway… i would love to win these!! πŸ™‚

  6. tknologlvr says:

    So thrilled you had a great running workout! The walks actually can help you go farther!

  7. Awesome job, girl!! I definitely want to try this method!

  8. Doing intervals make the workout go so much faster!! I did a total of six miles on the treadmill and followed up with some weights today–I had extra time so I made good use of it!

  9. I am also doing the Galloway Method right now..it does make running much more enjoyable. Today was a rest day for me…I had other plans because of spring break!

  10. Congrats!! Glad to hear you enjoyed it – I hope I will my next time out, too!
    And i second the blogging sentiment. i really have met so many wonderful, supportive people through this hobby of mine :]

  11. Katy says:

    Girl, that is great! I also do that method!!! πŸ™‚

  12. Lindsay says:

    That sounds like a workout to be very proud of!! I rarely run 6 mph, my short legs have a hard time going that fast!

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