“But You’re a GIRL!”

I am Irish. Very, very Irish. I don’t take my Irish-ness lightly. If you’re Irish, I like that we have that in common. I know many bloggers will be sharing tasty green recipes with you today, so I figured I’d switch it up. Why not tell an embarrassing story about my Irish pride?

I’m Catholic, and in 8th grade I was Confirmed. I’m not going into detail about Confirmation, but it’s a big deal. The whole jist of it is that you pick a Saint you want to be like, and this Saint’s name sort of becomes like your second middle name. Sounds weird. I’m only telling you this to set the scene 😉

As you can imagine, St. Theresa was popular in my 8th grade class. As were Saint Ann and Saint Clare. Those are all pretty names.

The process goes like this. It’s a Mass, if you can believe that 😉 At one point of the Mass, each kid getting confirmed walked up to the Bishop and handed him an index card with his or her Saint name written on it and he confirms you – or something like that. It’s been awhile.

Everything went smoothly – until the Bishop got to the end of the alphabet and wound up with me. I handed him my card, eager to be confirmed.

He (with a microphone clipped to his chest for the whole congreation to hear) says “And I bless you, Saint..Patrick?! But you’re a GIRL!” Come on, Bishop! You make a living hearing confessions and this is what you’re going to geek out about!?

Whatever. I made a sign of the cross and went on my merry way. Did people laugh? Yes. Did I want to cry? You bet. Was I the only girl who picked a male Saint? Of course. For the win? It was one more Irish thing under my belt. (Yes, I know St. Patrick was not Irish himself)

A little fun fact. My first name is actually Mary. After confirmation my friends in school would tease me and call me Sister Mary Patrick – from Sister Act?

This made me terribly self-conscious. Did they think I was fat?

So, on St. Patrick’s Day I will always wear green. I will always eat obnoxiously green food and drink yucky green beer. I will always pinch someone if they lack a green piece of clothing. And, yes. I will always remember being embarrassed in front of all my friends and their families for being the girl who was a little too obsessed with her Irishness 😉

PS – We have a winner for the Gnu Bar Giveaway!!

YAYY!! I’ll shoot you an email so I can get these bars to you pronto! 🙂

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day, friends!

Let’s chat – What green are you wearing today? I have a green sweater. I didn’t have much to choose from. It’s my favorite color, but not really “my” color, if yaknowaddaImean.

16 Comments on ““But You’re a GIRL!””

  1. Cait says:

    Okay I admit Colleen, I laughed out loud when I read this post! I’m Irish too and also am Catholic- I think I picked Cecil as my confirmation name (people thought it sounded so OLD but I loved it because she was a *writer*) Being Irish is super important and be PROUD of that name girl! I’m wearing my GREEN today too! xo
    PS LOVE SISTER ACT bahaha! “Boogie Woogie on the piano WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!” -my fav. line 😉

    • Colleen says:

      Hahah I’m so glad you thought it was funny! OMG I was thisclose to picking Saint Cecil because she was a writer! Who cares if we were 75-year-olds tapped in second grader’s bodies? 😉

  2. aw haha that’s a cute story! I think I’ll be wearing my green running shirt to go for a run in! 🙂

  3. Your story made me smile. I’m also Catholic. I picked Rose as my Confirmation name..after Saint Rose of Lima. I can’t believe the bishop freaked out, haha, but it makes for a good story!

  4. Trisha says:

    Such a funny story! So glad you shared it. Growing up, my mom would die the milk green, make green eggs and ham, and have a leprechaun leave a treat out for us! I was born in Chicago, where they die the river green. So St. Patrick’s day is a big deal! I am definitely wearing my green 🙂

  5. Hahaha! This whole post made me laugh! I love that you chose Patrick, so brilliant! Happy St Patty’s Day, girl! 🙂

  6. Alyssa says:

    haahah you go, girl. and I LOVED sister mary patrick! hey – you got a funny story out of it. so worth it, now, right? 😉

  7. Britney says:

    My sister chose St. Blaise as her confirmation name…she had a history of getting sick every time her throat was blessed. 🙂 (I chose Catherine of Siena.)

    I’m wearing a green button down shirt today. Don’t tell anyone, but I wore the same shirt on Monday.

  8. Haha! I think choosing St. Patrick just made you unique! After all, most of the other kids picked the same saint! 😉

  9. GF Grad Nut says:

    I’m Irish too 🙂

    And wearing a brand new green spring dress, since it’s 60 degrees today! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  10. Before I forget – I LOVE the new layout!! So sleek and clean 🙂
    haha, I love the story, too 😛 As well as your Irish pride. It’s days like today that I wish I could say I was Irish. I did (unknowingly) wear two shades of green earlier, though!! I was proud of myself 😉
    And thank you again for hosting a great giveaway! So excited!!

  11. You are HILARIOUS. You poor thing, I would have sobbed right then and there. That’s awesome how proud you are of your heritage! I’m wearing green today, and prob drinkin’ some green beer. Hope you have a fabulous St. Pattys!

  12. Brittany says:

    You’re awesome 🙂 I love the new layout too! I’m Catholic and Irish as well! I love this day, partially because i get to wear one of my favorite colors all day long! When i was confirmed in 11th grade, we didn’t chose saints names! I finally chose one last year, St. Theresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)! She was killed during the Holocaust, it’s a beautiful story of her conversion from Judaism to Catholicism!

  13. Katy says:

    No green for me! Haha, but that’s because my “appropriate travel clothes” per the military left me with two shirt options… And two days later, I’m still wearing them! Haha. I love military travel! Greetings from Sigonella, Italy! I hope your St. Patrick’s Day went wonderful!!

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