I’m Awkward.

Good day, friends! How’s everyone doing? When my alarm went off this morning it was definitely a game-time decision as to whether or not I wanted to get myself on the treadmill. After tossing and turning and realizing how badly I’d feel if I skipped the gym again, I got up and threw on some sneaks 🙂

My run was all over the place. You know that emergency stop button on the treadmill? Yes, well I often smack it mid-run with my arms that are flailing all over the place. That’s what happened today. Today it happened when I was in a full-on sprint. The abrupt stop almost threw me off (again).

Once I hit the emergency stop, I fell out of my groove – but I stuck in there for 35 minutes before calling it quits.  I came home and rewarded myself with a green monster 🙂

I’ve been pining for a tumbler-esque cup with a plastic straw for a while now, so I was super pumped and ready to drink smoothies all day when Cory brought this bad boy home from work. It’s the little things, friends.

Speaking of how great Cory is, he and I had our second pre-cana meeting with our priest last night. We had to take a 150-question test – like, on a scantron.

I don’t know about you, but any kind of test makes my brain stop working. Seriously, I thought this was just the case with topics like Spanish or math – but I was wrong.

The priest started giving us the directions for the test. We simply had to read the statement and fill in one of three circles – agree, disagree or unsure.

So wait, I ask, Are we answering these about ourselves…or each other? 

Sometimes I shock myself at how awkward I am.

It seemed like every third question was about sex. I was alone in the room, but I giggled anyway. Mature, I know.

I feel like Catholics shun the idea of sex by making it a huge sin if you’re unmarried – but once two people a man and a woman get hitched they’re like “Come on, get to it!!” It’s quite confusing and severely awkward.

On the ride home, Cory and I feverishly quizzed each other on our answers to controversial questions. Our consensus is that we passed. Our wedding will happen 😉

Today is a busy day for me, so I better hit the road. I’ll catch you later! 🙂

Let’s chat – Are you a good test-taker?

20 Comments on “I’m Awkward.”

  1. Haha, oh no! We’re meeting with our pastor tomorrow night for the first of our pre-marriage stuff!

  2. kayejohn says:

    I am a TERRIBLE test taker! I get so anxious. Even if I study well, I feel like I lack so much control over the result because you can just never be sure what’s going to be on there! I much prefer to write papers…

    And that is sooo not just a Catholic thing. Pretty sure it’s that way across the board in Christian denominations. If/when I take a test like the one you took in the next year with my fiancé, chances are I will giggle just as you did and make it as awkward as possible.

  3. Shawn says:

    Colleen Whitney, your blogs just make me smile. Especially when you talk about us silly Catholic’s. You know just as well as I do, if every rule in the Catholic Church was followed there really wouldn’t me many Catholics. Tell Cory I said “Eh” and I miss you both of you guys.

  4. Wow I would have been just as awkward. I think we would get along so great. I’m super awkward in social situations let alone ones that people use the word sex ha.

    Great work on the treadmill. Seriously getting there is always the hardest part.

  5. Michelle says:

    You totally crack me up! I would have been giggling about those questions as well. Does that make me awkward too?

    And nice work with the treadmill! I need some of your mindset in the mornings…

  6. I would have giggled too…I may be 30, but I have the mind of a 10 year old boy 😉

  7. Parita says:

    I agree…people always stress the no sex before marriage but then afterwards it’s all about having kids and like you said, “getting to it!” What?!

    And I am an ok test taker – depends on the kind of test! Standardized tests…not so much…

  8. Ashley says:

    I have never been a good test taker and I fear that when Patrick and I go to our counseling sessions we will no longer be allowed to get married! haha! I guess I shouldn’t pay for anything until we find out if we pass or not! LOL!

  9. Cait says:

    omg im SO akward when it comes to stuff like that ha- i’m sure i’ll have to go through those ‘tests’ too if ever the bf and I get married..and you’re not alone when I’d giggle too at the ‘sex’ question. so mature. er not. i think were all in the same boat when we act like were 5 😉

  10. Haha! So glad you guys will in fact be able to get married and pass the test. 😉

    I hate scantron tests. So much. Ick!

  11. Jenny says:

    Haha what an awkward test. I would have bust out giggling too 😉 And any kind of test I hate!! Eww

  12. Oh my goodness that sounds so nerve wracking…I’m methodist. We’re pretty lax thank goodness!

  13. Oh gosh, we took a test like that – we’re not Catholic, but it made my brain spin in circles!

  14. applesnoats says:

    haha thats so funny, I ‘m sure i would have cracked up too!
    I too flail my arms madly, its so frusterating to see your workout go down the treadmills memory toilet!

  15. I am so awkward too! Glad I’m not the only one!

  16. My friend just told me about the test that she had to take…apparently she and her fiance are strangely alike, and their pastor said he didn’t know if it was a good or a bad thing. That seems comforting :).

    I hate taking tests. I’m actually putting off studying right now, for two finals that I have tomorrow. Just thinking about them makes me nervous.

  17. I’m SO awkward, don’t even worry about it. I would have giggled at every question, too 🙂

  18. Brittany says:

    Ya’ll are so cute, and i love it! Oh, and i would be sooooo awkward too! Just thinking about talking about it, makes me turn allllll red!

  19. Kaila @healthyhelperblog! says:

    I hate tests!!!! Especially standardized ones in school! BLEH! Not so good since my exams are starting tomorrow! Oh well, such is life!

    Have a great night!

  20. I’m a terrible test taker – and now so nervous about our pre cana classes!

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