Busy Bee

Hello, beautiful people! Happy Saturday to you 🙂

I’ve got a very busy day planned with my birthday boy (man? guy?) so I’ve got to make this post a quick one 🙂


Friday (Did anyone else start singing Rebecca Black when you read that word? Gag me.)

Last night, Cory and I made our way over to the little farmer’s market that sets up shop across the street from his place. My favorite vendor, Great Harvest, was there handing out thick slices of cinnamon swirl bread.

The crust was heavenly.

The flower vendors also made me happy.


Cory and I had plans to make dinner, but time got away from us. Deciding Oh yeah, I’m starving. Let’s start dinner doesn’t really fly in these parts. Hanger gets real serious. So when Chinese was suggested, it was a no brainer.

I had the chicken and broccoli and Cory had the General Tso’s. To-go boxes were requested almost immediately. That’s a lotta food!

Today Cory and I are venturing into DC to go to a pretty awesome museum (they do exist) and then we have dinner reservations at his favorite place. Updates to come! 😀

Enjoy your Saturday, friends! I’ll catch ya later!

Let’s chat – Chinese food: Yay or nay? 

15 Comments on “Busy Bee”

  1. I’m actually not a big fan of chinese food. Unless you count sushi but that is Japanese really.

    Have a fabulous weekend. 🙂

  2. Yum I love chinese food!! haven’t had it for aaages though!
    and that cinnamon swirl bread looks SOO GOOD!!
    Have fun in DC!! 🙂

  3. Brittany says:

    yay! Ya’ll are cute =) Have fun!

  4. dressed2dish says:

    YUM that cinnamon bread looks Amaaaazing! Have fun this weekend! 🙂

  5. Do you read Kath’s blog? KathEatsRealFood? She and her husband are in the process of opening a Great Harvest in Virginia, it actually is almost ready to open!

    The bread looks great, and I love the company’s mission/concept

  6. Jenny says:

    That cinnamon bread looks delicious!! And omg no Rebececca Black please!! Haha I love love love Chinese food. Your food looks incredible 😀

  7. I’m not a huge fan of Chinese food. I’ll eat it every once in awhile, but only if someone else suggests it. I do like Japanese food though (sushi!).

  8. Chinese food = yay, but only PF Changs. I’m a chinese food snob.

  9. Katie says:

    Have a fun day in DC!! Love it there so much ! I miss living there! Oh and the museums rock especially because pretty much all of them are free!!! I know the Spy Museum I had to pay to get in, but the others I loved were free!!

    Have a great day!!!


  10. yummm chinese food definitely! i am thankful that a lot of places now show you what is gluten free so no tummy aches!

    i love the museums in DC, the National Gallery of Sculpted Art is nice when its warm and sunny out since it’s outdoors!!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I’m not a chinese food fan. Unless I make it myself, in which case it probably shouldn’t be considered chinese because all I do is add a little ginger soy sauce haha.

  12. Meaghan says:

    Mmm I love chinese food. I’ve been craving it all week and this just made it worse haha especially since General Tso’s chicken is my favorite

  13. kristisn says:

    I love Chinese, but I’m starting to tell that my taste for Chinese is becoming a little different. I don’t go for the heavy sauce kind of dinners anymore. I try to stick with the lighter fare.

  14. That bread looks amazing! I used to hate the crust when I was little, but now the crust is almost always my favorite part of a piece of bread! The crust on that cinnamon swirl bread looks like the best part!

  15. Kaila @ healthyhelperblog! says:

    Hmm cinnamon swirl bread sounds fabulous! I gotta get my hands on some of that! ASAP 🙂

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