Totally Truthful Thursday (Sort of)

Good evening, my friends!! I loved reading about all your love letters!

To tell the truth…I had margaritas at a 4:30 happy hour – and I asked the waitress if she was in charge of how much tequila went into my drinks. She thought I was weird.

To tell the truth…I made a meal out of sides at said happy hour: A sweet potato and veggies. 

To tell the truth…I like smiling. Smiling’s my favorite.

Okay, I don’t dress like Buddy the Elf and eat sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner – but I am a huge fan of the smile.

I used to be the person who looked down, at my phone, or at the wind when I passed strangers on the street. For some crazy reason, I avoided eye-contact. Then one day a friend told me “When I first met you, I took you for a total bitch.” I was floored! Me? A total bitch?

She said it’s because I looked mean.

I’m not a naturally bubbly, giggly girl. I’m happy, but I don’t sit around giggling or walking around with a gaping smile plastered on my face.

I’m relaxed.

After I realized I looked mean, I stopped avoiding eye-contact with strangers. I actually now play a game to see how many people I can smile at and get one in return.

99% of the time, it works every time 😉 

Let’s chat –  Has anyone ever told you something about yourself that shocked you? What’s your favorite happy hour drink? 


16 Comments on “Totally Truthful Thursday (Sort of)”

  1. Jenny says:

    Happy Hour margaritas, I love it!!! Some people think I’m mean or that I’m shy. Not really the case once you get to know me 😉

  2. I absolutely love when you smile at someone and they smile back. It’s like you have this small little moment with them that may be fleeting but still makes you feel good.

    I had several people tell me that I seem intimidating when they first meet me, and this surprised me! I feel like the least intimidating person on the planet! lol

  3. I’ve gotten that same comment from a good friend!!!

  4. I’m generally a shy person, so I normally avoid eye contact too. However I think in the past year I’ve improved a bit…at least that’s what I like to think. I’m going to try to make conscious effort to smile though 🙂

  5. Kaila @ healthyhelperblog! says:

    I do that with stangers too! I see how many people I can make eye contact with and smile to…its so fun to see peoples reactions because most people walk around with a scowl on ALL day! Time for a little cheeriness in everyones lives !

  6. I can only imagine how often I’m mistaken for a bitch – if I’m sitting concentrating on something or just walking around downtown I get such an evil look on my face. Granted, I’ve never seen myself – but when I realize how tense my mouth is and focused my eyes are I’m always a little surprised! Then I start remembering to look up and smile at people 🙂

  7. I love making sides as meals sometimes! SO fun!

  8. owlmazing says:

    I’ve gotten that before too! I try to smile a lot more but I am the same way as you, not your average bubbly person. Just happy, and unfortunately, really SHY! So I come off bitchy, but I am just nervous! haha. Luckily when people get to know me those thoughts go away 🙂

  9. kristisn says:

    I’m the worst at making eye contact with people. I really have to concentrate when I’m talking to them to look them in the eyes.
    Everyone at my work says that I come off really bitchy until they get to know me. I think it’s because I’m so quiet at first.

  10. That picture is hilarious! It is certainly something I would do. i love that you talk about how you drink at Happy Hour. So refreshing. 🙂

    PS: Saturday I’m driving right through DC. I’ll wave to every single person and hopefully one will be you. 😉

  11. Michelle says:

    Omgosh I’ve been told that exact thing before and was crushed. That was SO not the impression I ever wanted to give, so since then I’ve tried to be much more conscious of what my face looks like and how I might come across to people. Smiling a lot more definitely helps 😀

  12. Gah! I use to walk around avoiding all eye contact because of my shyness, and I’ve had a few different people tell me they thought I was mean/unapproachable too when I’m really quite friendly and sweet! (or at least I like to think so)… Maybe that’s why I find it easier to talk to people online… it gets rid of the whole eye contact thing 😀

  13. I get the bitch comment a lot and I have no clue why? I smile at random strangers all the time but not usually people my own age-just babies and the elderly lol:) I love love love Buddy the Elf! At Christmas I am constantly quoting that movie:)

  14. Gin and Tonic or Tom Collins. Or a margarita. Or vodka and cranberry. (Okay, so a lot of drinks; but mostly the first one).

    Nothing that people say really shock me anymore. I know that I can be a bitch, so when people tell me it’s like “yes, what is your point.” So yeah, the whole shock and awe thing does not work.

  15. Kelsey says:

    People always think I am/was a cheerleader! … I actually never have been! I was always the tomboy growing up! I played softball and basketball!


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