Totally Truthful Thursday

Hello, hello! Who’s ready for this week’s edition of Totally Truthful Thursday?

To tell the truth… I don’t watch much TV. And I never watch TV in the middle of the day. Well, except for yesterday. I tuned into Ellen because I was tipped off that it was the Justin Bieber episode. Weird? Probably. I own it, though 😉

To tell the truth… Every so often (read: every 28 days, ladies) I lose every and all desire to workout. It literally feels like a chore.

To tell the truth… The whole Arnold Schwarzenegger having a 13-year-old “love child” with the maid thing really busts my buns for some reason. Who the heck does he think he is? And really. Have you seen her? If I was Maria, I’d be so pissed.


To tell the truth… I don’t go to bars often, but when I do, I look at some girls and just want to give them a hug. Seriously, if you’re dressed like real life hooker, I suspect someone didn’t love you enough as a child.

To tell the truth… I stopped in the middle of the road this morning to take a picture of this precious baby! He just stood there for the longest time to let me get out my phone and take a picture. He was probably scared shitless, but I like to pretend that he has aspirations to be a Disney model.

Either way, he totally made my morning.

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