Hey there, blog lovers! Hows your Tuesday going?! It’s a little doom and gloom outside this morning, but I’m trying my hardest to send the sun some good vibes so he comes out to play 🙂


This morning’s workout started off with a a great strength circuit and then 2.5 miles on the treadmill. I was really glad that I was able to fit weights and cardio into one workout. I haven’t had time in the morning to that for a while now!


It’s also been several days since I’ve had a bowl of cold oats, so that’s what I let my mind wander to while I was hurtin’ fo’ certain on the treadmill.

Sweet victory.

These are not overnight oats. They’re more like stuck-in-the-fridge-while-I-showered oats. Nonetheless, they tasted great!

Sweatin’ It

I’m a little preoccupied this morning because I have an interview in a few hours. I sweat peeling an orange, so you can imagine what a hot mess I am before an interview.

Like my nerves for anything, it’s the anticipation that kills me. Once I get in the room, I’m able to strut my stuff.

Okay, my friends! I need to spend some time going over the job description and potential questions before I hit the road. I need to convince this lady of how awesome I am 😉

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday morning! I’ll catch ya later – hopefully with a good update!

Let’s chat – Are you calm under pressure, or are you a nervous nelly? A cardio workout vs strength workout? Strength workouts are my favorite! 

It’s Beginning to Feel a lot Like Summer

I think we were pretty split down the middle about who indulges over the weekend and who doesn’t.

My last post made me seem like I’m a trash-food vacuum Friday – Sunday. I realized after the fact that that probably wasn’t the best “healthy living blogger” thing for me to share, but I was just trying to highlight the fact that, to me, not being afraid of foods is a huge part of the definition of “healthy living.”

No matter if and when you indulge, I hope you enjoy it every time! 🙂



I woke up this morning with a sinus headache (anyone else feelin’ the allergies lately?) so I stayed in bed with every intention of an afternoon workout with Cory. I was super pumped because we don’t normally workout together, and I was more than ready to embrace the change of pace.

But when we got to the gym (at his apartment complex) there were 6 people lifting weights, which meant no room for us. Not to be defeated, we decided to go for a long walk and chat about our days.

10 minutes into the walk I was a sneezing, coughing, watery-eyed mess. Ugh.

Allergies: 1, Colleen: 0

Tomorrow is a new day, yes?

Although I spent the rest of the afternoon resisting the urge to scratch my face off, I really do appreciate the nice weather. Life is so much nicer when the sun is shining 🙂

Cory was so happy that he bought his favorite beer, Woodchuck 🙂

And what better way to embrace summer weather than to have one of my favorite sandwiches for dinner?

Mozzarella , tomato and basil on a fresh baguette 

So, so good. Even though I can’t smell much, this baby tasted heavenly. This is the kind of sandwich that I want to make the “last” bite last as long as possible. I never want it to end! 🙂

I’m not quite sure what the rest of the evening holds, but whatever it is, I’m pretty confident it’s going to be relaxing! I hope you’re able to do the same!

Let’s chat – What’s your favorite sandwich? Do allergies bother you this time of year? I really think I would benefit from living in a plastic bubble.

Snowball Effect

Oh hey, my pretty blends! I hope everyone’s Monday is starting off on the right foot. After a weekend of pure indulgence (what weekend isn’t?) I find that poor eating (and drinking), lack of exercise and little sleep are behaviors that have the ability to easily roll over into my week days if I’m not careful.

Does anyone know what I mean? 

For me, it starts on Friday afternoons. After an entire work week or getting up early, exercising and eating relatively healthy, I throw caution to the wind.

Happy hour? Of course! 

Chips and salsa? Keep ’em comin’!

Dessert? I though you’d never ask! 

On Fridays, this kind of behavior doesn’t usually bother me because I probably worked out that morning, and my Saturdays almost always start with a sweat session. These facts help me rationalize Friday’s reckless abandon.

In addition to my Friday free-for-alls, my life hasn’t seen a “slow” Saturday in months; and while that’s not something I’m complaining about, celebrating a different something every weekend with cakes, drinks and greasy food can add up quickly if I cease to pay attention.

By Sunday I normally feel my body start to turn against me. It’s politely asking me to detox for the day.

Veggies, please.

Water, for God’s sake. WATER!

No. more. sugar.

Because I’m still within the grip of The Weekend, I normally ignore my body’s pleas at this point. What’s one more “naughty” meal?  I usually want to answer this question with a number 6 spicy chicken combo from Wendy’s for dinner. With a real Coke. Forget the diet stuff.

Then, as I sit back after my Wendy’s and lick the french fry salt from my fingers and feel my stomach fighting to pop the button off my jeans, I think – “Oh God! It’s happened again! I let The Weekend get the best of me.”

Yes, my friends. That is real life. After my mini freak-out, I simply tell myself that it’s time to get my ass back into gear. It’s time to put away my party hat and bring out the work clothes.

Because if I don’t get serious on Mondays, The Weekend will convince me to pack cookies and mozzarella sticks in my lunchbox rather than apples and turkey sandwiches

And that never ends well 😉

Let’s chat – Are you a freer eater/more relaxed exerciser on the weekends? Do you agree with the “snowball effect” of making poor health choices? After the first or second indulgence, I think, Oh why not?!

Hi. Hello? Hey!

Sometimes I feel weird because I don’t know how to write my “salutation” for a post.

Hi! Hey? Howdy, partner! Greetings. What up, baby dolls? (<— something I would never ever say.)

Forget it. Hey. Howya been?

I spent the afternoon just lounging around. I even got to lay out for about an hour, which was fabulous. The sunny weather was just beckoning me to lay outside and soak it all up 😉

The only semi-issue is that the pool doesn’t open until next weekend.

And I don’t have a back yard.

So I grabbed a blanket and hoofed it over to the lake across the street to set up shop. I felt so exposed, although there was really no one else around. It feels so weird to be in a bathing suit in general when it’s sort of out of context – i.e. a grassy field where families take their fully clothed children to chase geese.

I digress.

Cory and I made our way over to Wegman’s this afternoon. Has anyone else ever been there? Holy cannoli! That place is so busy – but I love it! I also enjoy it because it’s like a less-snooty (I said it) Whole Foods.

We bought some kale because a) it’s such a power-house of a food  and b) Cory had the fun idea to make kale chips.

The attempt for making the kale chips was a disappointing one. We cut and ripped just like the internet instructed.

Then we tossed them in olive oil and salt before we put them in the oven to bake at 400 for 10 minutes – but they were a sad sight upon completion. They tasted like salty air. I’ll spare you the photo graphs.

My redemption came in the form of stuffed peppers for dinner.

Burnt Cheese, we meet again. 

Despite the burnt appearance, these were actually good! I ended up making mashed cauliflower as a side, and they should receive an honorable mention. For a food that attempts to fill the shoes of the Almighty Mashed Potato, they do an alright job.

Now that we have full bellies and a clean kitchen, it looks like I have some time to catch up on some of my favorite shows 🙂 Does anyone else love Hulu as much as I do?

Have a great night!!

Let’s chat – Do you have a favorite sitcom? I LOVE Modern Family!   

We Came to Party

Oh hayyy, girlfrans. I’m glad to report that we all survived the bachelorette party 🙂 It was a raging good time had by all!

Everyone showed up before Caitlin, the bride-to-be, so we could set up the hotel suite with fun decorations.

Once Caitlin arrived, we snacked, chatted and quenched our thirst. Ashley made sangria that was absolutely on point. Take this glass and multiply it by 3 to estimate my serving size 😉

Aren’t these glasses that Rachel made so stinkin’ cute? 

I was also super glad when I check my cell phone at 6:02 and realized we had escaped The Rapture unscathed.

Whew. That was close 😉

After a while we all got dressed up and made our way downtown for more food, more drinks and more fun.

I was also pleased to find out that there was a makeshift Longwood reunion at the bar. I was so excited to see Emily and Megan!!

Needless to say, I’m a little tuckered out, so I’m going to take it easy for the rest of the day. I hope you have had an awesome weekend!

I’ll catch you guys later!

Let’s chat – Are you a fan of sangria? What was the best thing you did this weekend? 

Extra Chipper

GooOoOd morning, beautiful people! I’m feeling extra chipper this morning 😀

Maybe it’s because when I walked outside, I saw blue skies for the first time in seven days.

Or maybe it’s because I had a really intense run that left me feeling like I kicked my own ass.

Or maybe it’s because I had my free sample of Quaker Oatmeal Squares fo’ breakfast.

I love being a Clever Girl.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to get two little boxes of their favorite cereal in the mail?


Like I said, I had a really great run on the treadmill this morning.

Woah. Did my fingers really just type that sentence?

I did the 5-4-3-2-1 sequence twice through and it was tough, but I was proud that I pushed myself. Every time I get to that minute at 8.0, I pray to God that I a) don’t vomit and b) don’t fall. So far so good 😉

Weekend Plans

Cory and I are headed to Richmond this afternoon. We have a meeting at 7 AM tomorrow (say whaaa??) to go over liturgy and music for the wedding mass. Oddly enough, I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also going to Richmond for a good friend’s bachelorette party! I’m pretty excited. I’ve never been to one, but I’m highly confident that a good time will ensue 😉

I’m off to get some errands done! I’ll catch you guys later this afternoon!

Let’s chat – Has the weather been extra crappy where you live? It’s been raining every day for like a week! Have you ever been to a bachelorette party? 

Totally Truthful Thursday (Sort of)

Good evening, my friends!! I loved reading about all your love letters!

To tell the truth…I had margaritas at a 4:30 happy hour – and I asked the waitress if she was in charge of how much tequila went into my drinks. She thought I was weird.

To tell the truth…I made a meal out of sides at said happy hour: A sweet potato and veggies. 

To tell the truth…I like smiling. Smiling’s my favorite.

Okay, I don’t dress like Buddy the Elf and eat sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner – but I am a huge fan of the smile.

I used to be the person who looked down, at my phone, or at the wind when I passed strangers on the street. For some crazy reason, I avoided eye-contact. Then one day a friend told me “When I first met you, I took you for a total bitch.” I was floored! Me? A total bitch?

She said it’s because I looked mean.

I’m not a naturally bubbly, giggly girl. I’m happy, but I don’t sit around giggling or walking around with a gaping smile plastered on my face.

I’m relaxed.

After I realized I looked mean, I stopped avoiding eye-contact with strangers. I actually now play a game to see how many people I can smile at and get one in return.

99% of the time, it works every time 😉 

Let’s chat –  Has anyone ever told you something about yourself that shocked you? What’s your favorite happy hour drink? 

21st Century Love Letters

Thank you to Yahoo! Mail for sponsoring this post about staying connected. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Isn’t this video cute? It totally reminds me about writing letters to Cory when he was studying abroad 🙂

Love Letters

To tell the truth – I am a compulsive e-mail checker. On any normal day, I log into my email account at least twice an hour. The debate is out on whether or not an intervention should be staged 😉

While I love seeing any email pop up in my inbox, nothing makes my heart flutter more than a random “just because” love email from Cory.

Here’s the thing – I’m a sucker for a handwritten note, but any form of the written word can make me swoon.

Apparently Cory appreciates handwritten notes, too. He has saved every single card or note I’ve written him over the past 5 years.

The Background 

During the summer before my sophomore year of college, Cory studied abroad in Spain for several weeks. Weeks people, not months or years. But regardless, it was monumental to me at the time. I mean, we were fresh at this dating thing, and I was a baby.

Forever ago. I was newly in love. And I ate waffles everyday.  

While Cory was in Spain, our phone calls had to be precisely timed and they were never more than 3 minutes. I feel so badly for my parents who had to deal with me, Psycho, during that period of time.

I would run around the house prepping everyone on days I was expecting a call. “He said he was going to call at 2:00 our time! It’s 1:58, people. NO ONE get on the phone!”

Like I said: I’m insane.

I think it was that trip to Spain that started our love emails. I’m not talking anything steamy or x-rated, here. They were (and still are) always simple notes expressing the little things that we love and appreciate about each other. Cheesy? Possibly! But hey, it’s 100% genuine cheese 🙂

Those emails are pieces of time that I hold so dear to my heart. Cory and I exchanged dozens of emails during his time abroad, and I saved all of them. That’s what is so great about letters of any kind; the ability to revisit emotions that were powerful enough for someone to take the time to write (or type) them down.

And just so you know: e-mails do an awesome job filling the void when we’re apart, but I much prefer hugs 😉

The weekend Cory came home from Spain

Let’s chat – Have you ever written or received a love letter? What’s the best email you’ve ever had pop up in your inbox? 

Happy Tummy

Hellooo!! Oh my goodness, can I just say how freaking awesome this blogging community is? Seriously. Your comments on yesterday’s post were so positive 🙂 Thank you!


My question for today is: how is it possible to get up at 5:15 and still run late? That’s my life today! I usually like to post before work, but it just wasn’t in the cards this morning 🙂


I woke up not wanting to go to the gym, so I’m totally patting myself on the back for actually going and actually sweating.

I know the ArcTrainer gets a bad rap, but when I set it with a high resistance, that thing can kick my bootay. I’m a huge fan of alternating between going forwards and backwards. Anyone else with me on that one? 😉


MMm, PB & J overnight oats. I added chia seeds to them this time (I had been out for weeks!) and these were probably the best cold oats I’ve ever had. I have a happy tummy this morning 🙂

Okay, folks! I told you I’m running a little behind today, so this morning’s post has got to be short and sweet. I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday (I actually had to look at my computer to see what day it was) 😉

Catch ya later!

Let’s chat – What did you have for breakfast?  You better not have skipped it! 😉

Why Does Misery Love Company?

Hello, my fine friends! How’s everyone feeling today?! I’m feeling a tad bit sluggish due to my inhalation of a piece of white chocolate – raspberry cheesecake last night at The Cheesecake Factory.

Cory and I shared this ginormous slice of heaven (minus the whipped cream.)

Do I feel guilty? Yes, I kind of do. Am I going to fret all day? No – I’m just going to do my best to make healthier decisions today. Easy peasy, lemon squeezey 🙂

This morning I enjoyed a sweaty P90X plyometrics session which was swiftly followed up by my beloved cereal combo 🙂

Quaker oatmeal squares, Honey Nut Cheerios, Kashi Crisp!, almond slivers and 1/2 a banana


Okay, so now let’s get into the stuff behind this post’s title.

We all know the saying Misery Loves Company, right?


I mean, I get it – kind of. If I’m feeling down in the dumps, I don’t necessarily want to throw you a party to celebrate something happy in your life.

I’d rather bitch and moan with a friend who likes vodka.

But those feelings are normally momentary – not a way of life. And let’s be honest; I’d still throw you a party if you deserved one 😉

Anyway, Cory and I were talking yesterday about how we’ve noticed that some people are so quick to rain on a love parade (or any kind of parade, really.)

Here’s an example of a conversation that happened a few days ago:

Me: Yeah, we’re finally going to move in together after the wedding (insert giddy grin here) I’m so excited!

*Debby D: Wait – you’ve never lived together?!

Me: Nope. We wanted to wait.

Debby D: Woah. Psh. Humpf.(Cue more huffing and puffing) Get ready for the most difficult year of your life!

Me: Wow, thanks Debby. You’re quite the ray of sunshine. (<— Okay, this part happened in my head)

*Names may have been changed to protect the identity of a real life sour-puss.

Why are people like this?

Are they really that miserable? 

I truly hope not, because that would be tragic – but it’s disappointing how people so rarely want to tell you something positive. If someone is happy, why on Earth would another person feel the need to say something negative? This totally blows my mind.

I don’t have a profound conclusion to this thought (do I ever?) – but I wanted to get it out there. Maybe other people have experienced people like Debby D?  

Disclaimer: Let’s get real – encountering a Debby or Nancy doesn’t truly affect me, but it does make me wonder: WTF?

If you have any thoughts whatsoever on this subject, please share! If not, thanks for reading my vent-session 😉