It’s Beginning to Feel a lot Like Summer

I think we were pretty split down the middle about who indulges over the weekend and who doesn’t.

My last post made me seem like I’m a trash-food vacuum Friday – Sunday. I realized after the fact that that probably wasn’t the best “healthy living blogger” thing for me to share, but I was just trying to highlight the fact that, to me, not being afraid of foods is a huge part of the definition of “healthy living.”

No matter if and when you indulge, I hope you enjoy it every time! 🙂



I woke up this morning with a sinus headache (anyone else feelin’ the allergies lately?) so I stayed in bed with every intention of an afternoon workout with Cory. I was super pumped because we don’t normally workout together, and I was more than ready to embrace the change of pace.

But when we got to the gym (at his apartment complex) there were 6 people lifting weights, which meant no room for us. Not to be defeated, we decided to go for a long walk and chat about our days.

10 minutes into the walk I was a sneezing, coughing, watery-eyed mess. Ugh.

Allergies: 1, Colleen: 0

Tomorrow is a new day, yes?

Although I spent the rest of the afternoon resisting the urge to scratch my face off, I really do appreciate the nice weather. Life is so much nicer when the sun is shining 🙂

Cory was so happy that he bought his favorite beer, Woodchuck 🙂

And what better way to embrace summer weather than to have one of my favorite sandwiches for dinner?

Mozzarella , tomato and basil on a fresh baguette 

So, so good. Even though I can’t smell much, this baby tasted heavenly. This is the kind of sandwich that I want to make the “last” bite last as long as possible. I never want it to end! 🙂

I’m not quite sure what the rest of the evening holds, but whatever it is, I’m pretty confident it’s going to be relaxing! I hope you’re able to do the same!

Let’s chat – What’s your favorite sandwich? Do allergies bother you this time of year? I really think I would benefit from living in a plastic bubble.