Better Than Nothin’

Most of you encouraged me to take the self-control route with my Dots, and that’s what I did. I chewed the hell out of some gum, ate an apple and drank a bottle of water – and only three more Dots happened to find their way to my belly 🙂

My healthy lunch also made it easier to ignore the Dots. Freckled butternut squash soup and a salad.

After work, I headed to the gym for a quick pick-me-up. I wanted to take a nap, but I knew I’d wake up cranky and pissed off that I had to go to class, so the gym it was! It’s great how a little bit of movement can really wake you up. I didn’t do anything awesome – 20 minutes on the ArcTrainer and 7 (I got so bored) minutes on the bike. I wasn’t feelin’ the workout, but it was better than nothin’, right?!

I’ve got to get out of my comfy pants and into something more acceptable for class – but not before sharing day 14 of the 30 Day Picture Challenge

A picture of your favorite book

The title is a little off. This book didn’t help me win friends or a Nobel Peace Prize, but it honestly changed the way I interact with people on a daily basis. This book was written in 1937 and is the first bestselling self-help book ever published.

I was assigned to read it my junior year in college and my professor said “this isn’t your ordinary class read” and he was so right. I don’t think I could have thanked him enough for assigning this book. The book discusses human interaction in such a common-sense manner that the entire time I was reading it I was thinking “Well, duh! How come I’ve never thought of that?!”

Anyway, I’m sure not many people who read this blog have ever read (or even heard) of this book, but it’s truly wonderful 🙂

I hope you have a fantastic night, blog friends! I’ll catch ya tomorrow 😀

Let’s chat: What’s your favorite book? What did you have for lunch? Do you ever get bored at the gym?

Dangerous Situation

I have found myself in a dangerous situation this morning.

Remember that RA class I was sweating about last month? Well, now that we’re 6 classes in, it’s become a lot of fun and I enjoy it.

Today they students were supposed to have an activity that put collaboration “into practice.” I could have picked an activity that really challenged the students, but this is the week before Spring Break, so let’s be honest – I was working with zombies today.

Hence, I picked the activity Dot Dome. Each pair was given 20 Dots, (one of my favorite convenient..) 12 toothpicks and told to construct a dome with those fine materials.

So, they worked. I snacked. (Note: One Dot Dome in the background)

Yes, it’s empty. No I did not eat an XL box of Dots at 10 AM. Several delicious dots were left over in this box so I polished them off with the help of the students and the other co-instructor 🙂

But yesterday I bought two XL boxes of Dots. I didn’t want to come up short for our activity! While half of the second box was devoured by the students, no one wanted to take the it home. So where did it end up?

In my desk drawer. This is dangerous. Very, very dangerous. Should I rely on self control? Or pitch ’em? (So wasteful..)

To keep my myself away from the Dots, I left my first Operation Beautiful note in the bathroom at work 😀 I can cross it off my 101 in 1001 list!

I’m still learning my iPhone, just in case you couldn’t tell by my face 😉

Let’s chat: What’s your favorite candy? Self-control vs food sabotage? Have you ever left or found an Operation Beautiful note?