Snowball Effect

Oh hey, my pretty blends! I hope everyone’s Monday is starting off on the right foot. After a weekend of pure indulgence (what weekend isn’t?) I find that poor eating (and drinking), lack of exercise and little sleep are behaviors that have the ability to easily roll over into my week days if I’m not careful.

Does anyone know what I mean? 

For me, it starts on Friday afternoons. After an entire work week or getting up early, exercising and eating relatively healthy, I throw caution to the wind.

Happy hour? Of course! 

Chips and salsa? Keep ’em comin’!

Dessert? I though you’d never ask! 

On Fridays, this kind of behavior doesn’t usually bother me because I probably worked out that morning, and my Saturdays almost always start with a sweat session. These facts help me rationalize Friday’s reckless abandon.

In addition to my Friday free-for-alls, my life hasn’t seen a “slow” Saturday in months; and while that’s not something I’m complaining about, celebrating a different something every weekend with cakes, drinks and greasy food can add up quickly if I cease to pay attention.

By Sunday I normally feel my body start to turn against me. It’s politely asking me to detox for the day.

Veggies, please.

Water, for God’s sake. WATER!

No. more. sugar.

Because I’m still within the grip of The Weekend, I normally ignore my body’s pleas at this point. What’s one more “naughty” meal?  I usually want to answer this question with a number 6 spicy chicken combo from Wendy’s for dinner. With a real Coke. Forget the diet stuff.

Then, as I sit back after my Wendy’s and lick the french fry salt from my fingers and feel my stomach fighting to pop the button off my jeans, I think – “Oh God! It’s happened again! I let The Weekend get the best of me.”

Yes, my friends. That is real life. After my mini freak-out, I simply tell myself that it’s time to get my ass back into gear. It’s time to put away my party hat and bring out the work clothes.

Because if I don’t get serious on Mondays, The Weekend will convince me to pack cookies and mozzarella sticks in my lunchbox rather than apples and turkey sandwiches

And that never ends well 😉

Let’s chat – Are you a freer eater/more relaxed exerciser on the weekends? Do you agree with the “snowball effect” of making poor health choices? After the first or second indulgence, I think, Oh why not?!