Hi. Hello? Hey!

Sometimes I feel weird because I don’t know how to write my “salutation” for a post.

Hi! Hey? Howdy, partner! Greetings. What up, baby dolls? (<— something I would never ever say.)

Forget it. Hey. Howya been?

I spent the afternoon just lounging around. I even got to lay out for about an hour, which was fabulous. The sunny weather was just beckoning me to lay outside and soak it all up 😉

The only semi-issue is that the pool doesn’t open until next weekend.

And I don’t have a back yard.

So I grabbed a blanket and hoofed it over to the lake across the street to set up shop. I felt so exposed, although there was really no one else around. It feels so weird to be in a bathing suit in general when it’s sort of out of context – i.e. a grassy field where families take their fully clothed children to chase geese.

I digress.

Cory and I made our way over to Wegman’s this afternoon. Has anyone else ever been there? Holy cannoli! That place is so busy – but I love it! I also enjoy it because it’s like a less-snooty (I said it) Whole Foods.

We bought some kale because a) it’s such a power-house of a food  and b) Cory had the fun idea to make kale chips.

The attempt for making the kale chips was a disappointing one. We cut and ripped just like the internet instructed.

Then we tossed them in olive oil and salt before we put them in the oven to bake at 400 for 10 minutes – but they were a sad sight upon completion. They tasted like salty air. I’ll spare you the photo graphs.

My redemption came in the form of stuffed peppers for dinner.

Burnt Cheese, we meet again. 

Despite the burnt appearance, these were actually good! I ended up making mashed cauliflower as a side, and they should receive an honorable mention. For a food that attempts to fill the shoes of the Almighty Mashed Potato, they do an alright job.

Now that we have full bellies and a clean kitchen, it looks like I have some time to catch up on some of my favorite shows 🙂 Does anyone else love Hulu as much as I do?

Have a great night!!

Let’s chat – Do you have a favorite sitcom? I LOVE Modern Family!