You Hurt Yourself While Running in Place?

I can understand being a marathon runner and complaining about running injuries. But hurting yourself while running in place? Are you joking?

This afternoon I completed a 3 mile run – but not without complications, my friends.

About 10 minutes into said run, I somehow tripped over my own feet and ended up hanging onto the handle bars for dear life. Think week-1 of The Biggest Loser. You know how someone always falls off the treadmill when Jillian cranks up the speed?

You now have a visual of my afternoon.

Although I didn’t fall completely off, it was pretty freakin’ close.

I jerked up faster than you could point and say “look at that moron!” Naturally, I was in the front row of treadmills, but I was too embarrassed to look behind me and assess how many people witnessed my clumsiness. Looking back, I think I laughed too loudly at myself. People knew I was humiliated. Damn it.

At least I got to meet Jamie for some fro-yo this afternoon. That made my sore ankle feel a little better 😉

Any embarrassing gym/workout stories you’d care to share?

17 Comments on “You Hurt Yourself While Running in Place?”

  1. cbrady3 says:

    haha I always suddenly veer to the right and almost fall off. And I probably pick tons of wedgies when everyone behind me can see. I just pretend like they’re not there:)

  2. Jenny says:

    I too have tripped over the dreaded treadmill but have never fallen. My damn cellphone has fallen on the treadmill while I’m running…er walking fast and then it flies off and I pretty much stumble. Totally sucks you busted you butt but fro-yo makes it better right? I’d be more cheerful 😀

  3. heh, I think it makes it better when people realize you can laugh at yourself 😉 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost run into doors or fallen UP stairs (yes, really). I’m not sure if I look like more of an idiot because I fall up stairs or because I am too busy cracking up for doing said performance 😛
    I hope your ankle feels better, though!!

  4. omg, that is too funny!! I have most of my gym mishaps on the elliptical. If I’m not paying attention, I end up movng right out of the foot holders. Let me tell you, that is not a pretty sight. Especially when you do it repeatedly.

  5. Trisha says:

    I totally tripped up the steps walking out of my class last week. You better believe there were about 100 college students behind me. Fantastic!

  6. Parita says:

    Awww, Colleen! It happens… 🙂 And I have a story…so this one time I was at my gym and I was by myself so naturally I put the Food Network on. A few minutes later I heard two girls walk in, and I guess they assumed I couldn’t hear them, but they said some mean things that I won’t mention on here. I wasn’t embarrassed, but I definitely wanted to say something…I didn’t. And I didn’t stop watching Food Network either 🙂

  7. Brittany says:

    Hahahaha. I love this so much 🙂 I literally had a huge smile on my face and laughed when i saw your tweet! You’re pretty awesome 🙂 I’ve tried to jog on the treadmill, and it’s not pretty… i start veering off to one side or the other! not so great.

  8. kristisn says:

    Awww… I would be the same way if I were you. I often trip over myself on the treadmill, but it’s in my house so no one sees.

  9. Haha you’re too funny! I’ve never fallen off the treadmill, but last week my friend came up behind me and scared me while I was on it and I screamed really loudly. That was pretty embarrassing. 😛

    I hope your ankle is okay!

  10. I hope your ankle isn’t bothering you too much!

    One time I was using the elliptical, and watching The Fox and the Hound on my ipod touch. It came to the part when the hunter’s gun shot goes off, and I literally jumped and let out a yelp.

    I was so embarrassed I turned to the man beside me and said something like “scary part of the movie”. He looked at my ipod and saw I was watching a cartoon with dogs and rightfully gave me the strangest look. Needless to say I was doubly embarrassed.

  11. The Balanced Bean says:

    Aww i hope you feel better soon! I am such a klutz…always falling over! Most recently Saturday night while trying to get into a cab. haha! Oh well. Froyo makes everything better!

  12. The first time I ever tried the Arctrainer, I completely fell off. Embarrassing, and I just couldn’t find my rhythm.

    OMG I tried froyo for the first time today and I’m in love.

  13. That happens to me pretty often!

  14. hahaha umm so a few weeks ago, I dropped my ipod on the treadmill, and it flew off and almost hit this girl behind me, and then like 2 seconds later, I dropped it AGAIN and almost hit her AGAIN. It was so embarrassing. And I broke my ipod. So sad!

  15. I am always having treadmill malfunctions. Hair ties breaking, iPods flying, etc. so I can totally relate. It’s fun being clumsy, right? Makes life more exciting. 😉


  16. You DEFINITELY had me laughing with that one. How about dropping your Ipod while running on a track, reaching down to pick it up and falling flat on your face. I don’t even remember how I managed that one.

  17. Those kinds of stories are why I avoid the gym, I’m so clumsy something terrible is bound to happen to me while I’m there. Instead I just run around outside so people can tease me from the comfort of their own cars and houses:)

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